Vaginal Health - Debunking All MythsPosted by Sandra Arachie


It is important for women to be concerned about their vaginal health and know what is normal and what is not; to avoid fear-mongering of any kind. Knowing what to expect down there will also help to detect a problem quickly which just might save your life!


Today on OrderEat, we debunk 5 common myths about the vagina and replace those myths with facts you need to know.



1. The vagina naturally smells bad.


This is not true. The vagina shouldn't smell bad. However, it is important to note that all genitals (male and female) have a light natural odour. The vagina has a slight odour which varies depending on your menstrual cycle, excessive sweating or if you just had sex.


There are many causes of abnormal vaginal odours; the most common being bacterial vaginosis which occurs when there is an overgrowth of normally occurring vagina bacteria. Other causes of vaginal odour include improper hygiene, trichomoniasis (a sexually transmitted infection) or a retained tampon.


2. The hymen tears only due to sexual intercourse. 

This is another misconception. While it is true that the hymen, or the band of tissue in the back part of the vagina will often tear and bleed during the first time you have intercourse, many women will have hymenal tears from gymnastics, tampons, horseback riding, biking, or dancing. So please even when a hymen does tear, it is not always a first-time-sex-related thing.


3. Lots of sex causes vaginal looseness.

The vaginal muscles are actually very stretchy, and while the vagina does respond to arousal by expanding in size to accommodate intercourse, it shrinks back to its usual size afterwards. It is a completely false notion that having lots of sex contributes to a loss of vaginal ‘tightness’.



4. A tampon can get lost inside your body.

This is actually impossible because the opening of the cervix is too small to allow a tampon to go through it. However, it is possible for some women to forget to remove a tampon and it can get lost in the sense that they can't get it out because it gets caught up in the top of the vagina and the string is no longer easily felt. All that can easily be fixed by making a trip to the hospital.



5. You can cure a yeast infection with yoghurt or garlic. 

Burning, itching yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of the candida fungus inside the vagina. Online sources claim you can cure yeast infections with natural remedies, like yogurt and garlic. However these remediee are not a proven cure. While it is true that plain, unsweetened yogurt might help you manage the symptoms of a yeast infection by providing a cooling sensation when applied to the vulva, it doesn't have special fungus-fighting powers.


The best remedy is time as some women get rid of a yeast infection on their own when they get their period, their vaginal pH changes, immune processes get things back in order or by just waiting a week. 


The vagina is a biological work of art. Let's treat it as such.