Eat Your Way to Naturally Pink LipsPosted by Sandra Arachie

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Pink lips are a visual sign that your body and mind are in balance and you are in the ‘pink’ of health. It also implies that the diet you are following and your fitness routine are right for your body and age.


The big question is: what foods stimulate the production of a pinkish hue to our lips? They are itemized below

1. Tomatoes

If you didn't like them before, you need to. Tomatoes contain selenium which protects your lips from sun damage. It can be eaten raw alone or in a salad, or you can even mash it a little and apply it to your lips if you have been out in the sun for long.


2. Coconut

Whether you drink coconut water, apply coconut oil on your face and lips, eat the white flesh as is, or add to your steamed vegetables or curries -- it will help keep your skin and lips supple and moist. For best results, dab a little on your lips before you sleep.


3. Walnuts

Walnuts are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which help retain the elasticity of your skin as they enhance the production of collagen. Eat them regularly for younger looking skin. You can even make a scrub to slough dead skin off your lips and keep them pink.


4. Yoghurt

Dairy products like curds and yoghurt contain a protein that keeps the skin firm and prevents the onset of wrinkles. You can eat it with your meal, blend into a smoothie or use it as a salad dressing. Applying yoghurt on your lips can also prevent pigmentation.


5. Green Tea

With all its other health benefits, green tea is good for your lips too. It contains polyphenols which are antioxidants that prevent sun damage and ageing. You can even use green tea face packs to remove a tan or pigmentation. Rubbing a bag of green tea on your lips helps cure dry, chapped lips.


6. Honey

It has humectant properties which makes it a perfect natural moisturiser. Eating a spoonful of honey or applying it on your lips overnight will make your lips pink. This is because honey contains magnesium and antioxidants that prevent the lips from getting discoloured.


7. Aloe vera

Aloe vera contains aloesin, a flavonoid that is proven to control pigmentation, which in turn keeps your lips pink. You can drink the juice of the aloe vera plant or apply the gel as a moisturiser for your lips.

8. Lemon

Drinking lemon juice with warm water and honey helps in detoxing the body, giving the skin of your lips a healthy glow. Since it also has bleaching properties, you can apply the juice on your lips or mix with sugar to use it as a scrub.


9. Watermelon

Eating watermelon in summertime helps the skin stay hydrated due to its very high water content. Watermelon being 97% water, helps the hydration reach all the cells of your body, thereby giving you moist and pink lips.



10. Beetroot

If you don’t have diabetes, you should eat this vegetable regularly. It has minerals and vitamins which provides the skin with multiple benefits such as prevention of ageing and discolouration, lightening the skin of the lips and general moisturising of the lips. Try rubbing a slice of beetroot on your lips for a natural pink hue.


11. Berries

Consuming strawberries or blueberries can give the skin of your lips the vitamin C and antioxidants they need. You can even blend a strawberry with olive oil and honey, and scrub the lips with it to help your lips get the moisture and the colour they need. 


Whilst doing all these, it is important to avoid smoking which causes premature wrinkles around the lips and a general darkening of the lips.