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Are you tired of forgetting what you read? Join me, I’m going to show you the 3 snacks that would help you remember what you’ve read.

It's not that you are dull or your IQ is low. Even if your IQ isn’t up to 100, why should you forget the little things you learned?


Let us take this as a leaked secret; the scholars often do trivial things that make them smarter and this makes the difference.

You don’t know these secrets and here we are, showing them to you, Boom!


This stuff works like magic. Anytime you are about to read, pick up something to eat. This would increase the number of hours you spend studying. It would also make learning fun. You'll not know when you read for 8 hours straight.



But wait o! I didn’t say you should eat Vegetable soup with assorted meats. Not that kind of food. This kind will even reduce your memory. How can you think well while eating Amala and Ewedu with assorted meats?

 Here’s what you should eat

1.       Apple and Nut Butter:

Snacks are better to eat while studying not heavy meals and Apples and Peanut Butter is perfect. If you love peanut butter, then you shouldn’t miss this combo. Just spread the nut butter on the sliced apple and enjoy.


Peanuts will provide enough fat and protein to remain focused while reading. Do this while studying and watch how your notebook will flow to your mind. You’ll thank OrderEat for sharing this with you.

If you are not a fan of peanut butter like me,  then check this next snack.

2.       Smoothie

Smoothie makes everybody’s life smooth. And that includes reading. Instead of chatting with your bae while enjoying the freshness of smoothies, try picking up a book and watch the difference. Smoothies make you not feel hungry while reading. The hungry man is an Angry man. And an angry man will tear his book.


3.       Chocolate

This is my favorite. Apart from its nourishing taste, it is the best to study with. Even if you don’t see chocolate, you can eat brown chocolate. Dark chocolate helps you focus. It boosts your concentration. And your level of concentration is important in retaining memory.



All these 3 snacks like magic. If you can try these snacks while studying, you'll see your grades improve because you remembered all you read and didn’t have to chew your pain during exam hall.

What snack are you trying out first?

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