How to Eat More and Spend LessPosted by Adedamola Odukoya

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In the Nigeria of today, sapa (unexpected unavailability of cash) don catch up with everyone. Even the rich are complaining. It is glaring that food is taking so much percentage off our income and in fact, we don't get bellefull (filled).



Food is essential. You can't do without it. Let's look at how to eat more and spend less;


The first thing to imbibe now is to say no to junk food. Junks don't fill you, they only prepare the way for the meal itself. So you can simply do away with junks and save more.



Buy your food in the market. It is true everything is costly but price will surely vary compared to buying at retail prices in the neighborhood. You can simply plan to go to the market to restock periodically.



Get restaurants that sell cheaply yet with quality. Yeah, you can find them on OrderEat (check There are restaurants that exist just to save your money. You eat more, spend less and thank God.



Eat light. You can save money by eating light especially in the evening. You don't have to eat scarily.


Have many friends. What did I just say? When you have many friends, you'll always carry one another's food burdens. Share with them to save your head.


Identify cheap foods and love them. Sometimes what we don't like eating might be cheaper to prepare. If you can simply get those foods in your locality, you can simply go for them.


Save for tomorrow. If you save for tomorrow, the money tomorrow will be kept for the next. Like this, you can simply manage how you eat.


Cook more at home: Unless it's unavoidable, cultivate the habit of cooking your food yourself. It saves cost.


Inasmuch as you want to save cost, you should not do that at the detriment of your health. Spend less, eat healthily.



What do you think as well? Share with us how you think you can eat more yet save cost.