Ideas for a Perfect PicnicPosted by NWEKE ADA

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Have you ever wanted a memorable afternoon? A picnic is always a good idea. It can be sole or quite elaborate depending on how you want it to be. The ideal picnic is nothing more than choosing a great location, inviting a good group of people, bringing something to sit on, and packing some delicious food and drinks. 



Here, are some ideas for a perfect picnic.


Nothing says cool quite like a picnic. And the great thing is, it doesn’t take a whole lot of planning. Just a little of this and that into the basket and off you go. It’s that easy! 


First thing first, go for a cool spot. Preferably, a flat-surfaced area that also provides shades as well as beautiful scenery or has a relaxing view. Take note that you can also get some vitamin D while outdoor.





The next on the list should be food. A picnic is good as the food you choose to go with.  Make sure you pack foodstuffs that would not require lots of utensils and that are fresh.


Grab your blanket and basket and stuff in sandwiches, appetizers like crackers, meatballs, getting salads, picnic drinks, desserts like- cake, cookies, custard, ice-cream.



Picnic Checklist

o    Ice blocks in cool bags

o    Wipes for dirty fingers

o    Covers for food and drinks.



o    Blankets

o    Tent (if applicable)

o    Tissues

o    Plasters



o    Games for the kids

o    Sunglasses/sun hats

o    Plates

o    Knifes and forks