Exploring Val, With FoodPosted by Adedamola Odukoya

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It is 2021 again! Valentine don come be that. You might want to make today the best, why not OrderEat? Just visit our mobile app (or get our app on the Google play store. Click here.) and make your valentine choices. Enjoy your Val, with food.


Cakes: We are celebrating love. Cakes create the perfect moment. You can order cakes or get your homemade cakes and share them with your loved ones. Do not finish this without splashing cakes! Explore and Enjoy!


Cookies: Cookies are made for lovers, disagree? Better don’t. That’s not harsh. Dip a bit into his/her mouth and look directly to his/her face as s/he takes it in. Perfecto! Not for boyfriends/girlfriends alone, but for loved ones. Explore and Enjoy!


Chicken and Chips: A moment of love with chicken and chips is made perfect with chilled drinks (wines). Having to share from the same plate is part of the plan. Explore!


Ice-creams: Taking Ice-creams with loved ones create a memory to last. In a cool place, taking a stroll while discussing will knit hearts together. A stop occasionally is fine, just to create the moment. Explore!


Yoghurts: Just like Ice-creams, yoghurts are loving with lovers too. You can share while you create a moment of love to long for, always.


There is a pool of options. You have to create an atmosphere of love. Wanna explore more? Let us continue. Tell us in the comment section.