Tips For Food PreservationPosted by Nweke Ada

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Preserving food has long been in existence. It is a process of handling food in order to slow down or stop foodborne infections and spoilage while maintaining the nutritional value, texture, and flavor.



Food preservation ranges from simple processes like freezing to more complex ones like canning. To have a historical sense of food preservation, click here.


Let’s look at various tips for food preservation. The following processes are safe and effective to use.


Sugaring: This is one method of preserving your food. Foods in a high-sugar environment tend to slow down bacteria and also reduce the water content especially in fruits like Jam, apple, plum, apricot.


Sometimes, alcohol is usually added to certain food alongside sugar. Some vegetables like carrot, ginger can also be sugared. Also, take note that excessive sugar can increase health risks.



Salting: This is similar to sugaring as it extracts the water from the food content. In excess, it can destroy the bacterias in the content. This method can be done in two ways. You can either apply the salt directly to the food content or add salt to the water and immerse the food item in it, i.e. canning. It is advisable to use a pickling or kosher salt for preservation.



As with sugar, salt in excess is also harmful to the health. Therefore, use some form of measuring tool or confirm using online resources at your disposal.


Canning: This is another great tip for food preservation. Here, food items are kept in tightly lidded containers having acidic, salty, or sugar solutions that prevent bacterias from thriving and keep out oxygen.



Before canning, it is good to make use of good quality food, tight lid containers. It is critical to follow a tested canning process to increase shelf life as well as to prevent toxins that can cause poisoning.


Vacuum packaging: This may not be a widely known method of preserving food. But, it is similar to canning.


It is usually packed in a vacuum packing plastic bag that prevents oxygen. It doesn’t last as long as canning. But, it lasts longer than freezing and it maintains its flavor, color, and taste. It also keeps it moisture and ensures food quality.



Vacuum plastic bags are usually put in a vacuum pressing machine to ensure proper sealing.


Click here for more information about food preservation.


Food preservation cannot be overemphasized as it helps in many ways. If used properly, it increases shelf life, decreases wastage of food, decreases dietary inadequacies, and so on. Why not use one of these tips for food preservation and note the difference.