Healthy Pregnancy CravingsPosted by Sandra Arachie

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I know many people don't want to hear this, but the pandemic is going to cause the year 2021 to rain babies!


While we wait to celebrate with all our loyal clients and customers alike in the new year, we decided to do an exposé on ways to manage the taste buds when they go on a rampage during gestation.


We realise that many expectant mums are used to having on-the-go meals which are usually snacks. These snacks, though delicious, are not very high in nutrients. We have done extensive research to help you eat nutritious meals and still have the not so good ones.



Here goes:


Never skip breakfast


This will help reduce the number of in-between meals you consume during the day. Foods like eggs, milk, fruits, or whole grain cereals are some very good options.


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Small portions always


You can still have all the ice cream and chocolates you want. Yes, you can. You just need to tweak the portions. Instead of a bowl of ice cream, have a scoop. Rather than a whole chocolate bar, have a small square of chocolate.


Healthier options


Try low-fat ice cream, low-fat yoghurt or sorbet as alternatives to full cream dairy products. You could also substitute fruit juice, water with a squeeze of lime for fizzy drinks to reduce your sugar intake. Wholegrain cereals can also be used in the making of pizza, cakes and other pastries of your choice.


No to fried meals


Try baked chicken rather than fried chicken.  Baked potato fries ' than the conventional greasy fries. Baked fries actually taste good. It's different but still tasty. I promise...


Healthy snacks


Having them on hand really helps. Things like a small bowl of cucumber and carrots with peanut butter on the side is a good way to start. Please check out our previous post on late night snacks ( to peep other healthy snack options.


Get a support team


Let your loved ones in on your new-found resolve to eat healthier during this period. They will help keep you accountable. It might become a bit annoying but having them become your calorie police will, in the long run, help you birth a healthy baby.




It really does not need to be too much. A walk every single day will help keep you fit and curb those cravings as well.



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OrderEat wishes all our expectant mums a safe gestation and healthy babies.