Nigeria, jollof rice


The orange colour is a blend of red and yellow, it is a combination of the energy associated with red and the happiness associated with yellow. It is the colour of joy and creativity.


Studies show that the orange colour can create physical effects such as increased hunger, a heightened sense of activity, a boost in aspiration and increased contentment. You'll find this colour mostly used in restaurants to encourage the feeling of hunger and contentment. Now guess what?

Orange is the colour of the delectable Nigerian Jollof Rice! If the rice isn't orange in colour after cooking, then it isn't the authentic Nigerian Jollof Rice. Just like the colour, the Nigerian Jollof Rice is one that it's presence alone brings joy, boosts enthusiasm and gives you the feeling of contentment.


The Nigerian Jollof rice when properly cooked is like an idol with followers of different tribes and cultures all over the country. The taste is soothing, more like a relief from your worries. The smell, embracing - making you forget you got dumped by your ex.


The Nigerian Jollof Rice isn't proud, it's a leveller. It finds a way to connect the rich and the poor, it doesn't discriminate. As long as you're present at any place where Jollof Rice is being served, we're all equal.  Everybody wants to have a taste of the scintillating Jollof Rice. No one dares reject an offer to be served Nigerian Jollof Rice.

Nigerian Jollof Rice can be cooked in different ways but the Nigerian Party Jollof Rice supersedes all.


Have you ever attended a Nigerian Party? Ever wondered why a person who obviously doesn't look like a beggar would be fighting over a plate of a particular rice which is orange in colour? If yes, you must have also heard or seen people who attend parties just because of the party Jollof rice. In other words, Nigerians can know a good party just from the taste of the Jollof Rice.


The Nigerian Party Jollof Rice is one that teaches you to go all out of the way for the people/things you love. How you feel good attending a party just because you love the party Jollof is the same way you would do some things just because you love a person.



There are a lot of bad things that can happen to a person in life but some tend to have a deeper effect than the others. One of those with a deeper effect on a typical Nigerian is attending a party and not being served the Nigerian Jollof Rice. That moment everything else at the party doesn't make sense to you anymore. The worst would be your Jollof Rice pouring away right before your eyes. It's like a crumbling world.


Having a bad day? The Nigerian Jollof rice is for you. 

Lack Appetite? The Nigerian Jollof is for you.

Life's better with a plate of the Nigerian Jollof Rice.

Like Indomie would say, "The taste is the difference and the difference is in the taste".



Have you ever tasted the Nigerian Party Jollof Rice?

If No, please add it to the list of things you have to achieve in your lifetime.

If yes, how does it make you feel?

Has your Jollof rice ever poured away or you've ever attended a party without being served Jollof rice?


I'll be waiting for your answers in the comments section.