Weird Food CombinationsPosted by Hannah Olaniyi

food combination

Growing up, I was so adventurous. I wanted to try different things and explore the world. I wanted to try out different dishes of different continents and speak different languages of various continents. I guess a lot of people grew up more adventurous than I was when it came to food.


Some people really like to explore when it comes to their food combinations and I find some of these very weird because, despite my interest in trying out new dishes, there are some food combos I'll never try.


Here are some of the very weird food combinations I've seen people eat:


1. Bread and Noodles - I think we should let noodles be noodles 😭 Noodles is okay bring friends with eggs and plantain.


2. Eba and Beans - The first and only time I tried this, I nearly choked. Why would anyone think of combining Eba with Beans and not a soup, despite the various kinds of soups we have?


3. Yam and Butter - I try to understand why anyone would combine the hardness of yam with the softness of butter, but I never do. Yam is not bread and butter is not fried egg. It must taste really bland.


4. Rice and Okra soup - I sincerely felt like crying the first time I saw someone eat this combo. How would you eat the almighty rice with the slimy Okra?😭😭


5.  Noodles and Beans - Why beans of all other things? I have no more words on this combo!


Which of these food combinations have you tried? What other weird food combinations have you tried?

How much of an explorer are you when it comes to food?


As usual, hit the comments box with your answers.