EAT YOUR CAKE AND HAVE ITPosted by Hannah Olaniyi

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I know you must have heard the phrase "you can't eat your cake and have it" quite a lot of times. It is mostly used to mean, you have two options you want but you can't have both.


Sticking to an healthy diet can be quite hard, but healthy eating when you're trying to manage your money is harder. It's almost always impossible. Sounds more like, you can't eat healthy when you're broke, then you settle for the "I Kent kill myself" mantra, hoping to start eating healthily when you "blow"(get rich).


May I bring you some good news? You can eat that cake and have it! Yes, you can eat healthily even when you're broke or on a tight budget. All you'll need is a game plan and a spice of creativity.


Here's how:


1. Have a meal plan- Having a meal plan for different days is a great step towards eating healthily. By doing this, you're sure you're not just eating carbs all week and you're able to stick to a good eating routine. Having a meal plan also helps you to plan the amount  you already allocated for feeding for the week. A meal plan doesn't just help you eat a balanced diet, it's a smart way to save money also.


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2. Cook your meals at home - I understand that you just want to relax and be taken care of, you don't like the stress that comes with cooking, you just want to always order the food from your favourite restaurant on OrderEat while you sit and watch movies on Netflix waiting for the delivery, but that can be quite expensive.πŸ˜₯ Well, cooking your meals at home once a while is a good way to eating healthily. By doing this, you're sure the food is healthy indeed and you're able to save more as eating out is actually costlier than cooking at home. Well, with OrderEat, you can feel at home when you make an order, guaranteed!


3.Make good use of your refrigerator - Cooking in large quantities and buying food and veggies in bulks cannot be overemphasized when it comes to eating healthily and spending less. Infact, they are life savers. Stocking food and veggies is a great way to maximize your refrigerator and keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.


4. Stop Buying Junk Foods - Junk Food is something you really need to cut out from your diet. Track your spendings on junk food weekly and you'll be surprised at how much you spend on these junks. Don't be a junkie!  Junk foods are not just unhealthy and less nutritious for you, they also come expensive.


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Eating healthy isn't limited to a certain way, there are various ways to be creative with your meal and budget. You do not have to break a bank to eat healthy. You can eat healthy while also spending less and that right there is you eating your cake and having it too!