OrderEat, rain

In today’s world where the pressure to grind and bring home the ‘paper’ is even higher, our schedules even more hectic and our work hours even longer; whenever we have any of our favourite treats  - especially in between diets, detox and exercise routines -  we conclude in our hearts that it was the tastiest bite yet and so worth the extra calories and longer hours at the gym!

Well this moment, Ordereat brings to you 7 meal combos guaranteed to tickle your taste buds from start to finish! We promise that they are worth those extra reps you’ll have to complete at the gym.

In no particular order,

Roasted corn and pear: This is definitely something to try this month as the unique mix of the masticated corn and the silky-sweet taste of the African pear is to die for! With as low as #300, you are set to enjoy this much loved Nigerian delicacy and set yourself in the mood for cold water to balance the ‘equation’…

Roasted plantain and groundnut: Roasted plantain on the streets of Lagos is popularly known as ‘Boli’. Now, the taste of Boli and freshly made groundnuts is really one for the books. On a hot weekday when you crave a snack that is both healthy and decadent, this combo is the sure thing to go for.

Ewa agoyin and agege bread: Did I hear somebody say ‘Sabori’ or BB? Not BB as in Barbecue but Bread and beans!! This staple lunch for many is criminally good. The pepper sauce called ‘Agoyin sauce’ has the perfect pepper- and - onions mix that gives the boiled honey beans the right kick. The agege brea is just the right accompaniment for this delicacy. For an extra kick, add some fried plantains to the mix. Try it and let us know in the comments section just how much you love it now.

Noodles and egg: I have discovered that in the noodles’ fan club, there is no middle ground. It’s either you love it or you don’t. Permit me to say that if you are currently in the negative bias against this delicious treat, you need to try stir fried noodles with shredded chicken or sausages with your choice of boiled or fried egg. On a cold night, after chowing down on this, all you want to do is snooze.

Please let us know in the comments section if you need pointers to great noodles spots in your local area and we will be sure to hook you up as well as deliver to your doorstep hassle free…

Egusi and swallow: Maybe I am being partial and of course with a good reason to as I happen to love Egusi a lot. However, Egusi with any preferred ‘swallow’ is a whole MOOD. That is all the hype this meal needs!

Beancake and corn pudding: All this grammar is to describe ‘akara and akamu’. Do you love it? Have you ever tried it? Please let us know. However, it is pertinent that all newbies to this dish must insist that the meal combo be served hot! With sugar for the akamu of course!

Jollof rice: Is any owambe in Lagos ever complete without J-rice? This MVP is best served with any accompaniment that tickles your fancy on that day. Served with plantain, egg, fried turkey or boiled chicken, bean pudding or on its own, with Jollof rice, na carry go!

I hope you try out these amazing combos and if you have already, let us know in the comment section how much you enjoyed it.