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Since the COVID-19 lockdown, trips to the market have been limited and some people have to wait days for grocery delivery. It might be a bit difficult that usual to eat healthy meals but it's worth the extra thought and effort. What we eat affects our physical and mental health and those are top on the priority list.


I'll be sharing 4 tips on how you can eat healthy during this pandemic. 


1. Take stock of what you have

Make a mental or actual list of the food items you have at home using these categories as a guide:


  • Soups and broths
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Beans and legumes
  • Condiments
  • Meat and fish
  • Rice and pasta
  • Water (of course)

Make sure you have food in each and every category.


2. Make a meal list

Rather than a meal plan, make a list of meals you can make any time of day depending on what you have. This way you won't have to decide on the spot what to eat when you're hungry and you can have a balanced, stress-free meal. However there are a few things to consider when making a meal list. These include:


Balance - Make sure you combine food from the categories listed above to help you rather a balanced healthy meal. High intake of protein will help you stay fuller for longer. Make sure not to exclude fruits and vegetables. Replace unhealthy snacks with fruits.


Weather - The weather has been cold in some areas lately, so if it's cold, ensure to make warm meals or complement meals with hot beverages. 


Variety - Avoid repeating meals and if you must, like eating rice twice in a role, make sure to cook it in different ways and compliment it with different others food.


Flexibility - make sure to feel your meal list of rigidity. Allow for random milkshakes or pizza every once in a while.


Leftovers - Food wastage should be absolutely avoided, especially during a pandemic. You don't have to create an entirely new meal every single day. If you have leftovers, ensure to freeze it and warm it again the following day. Also ensure to cook just enough, so you hardly have any leftovers.


3. Keep a grocery list with you at all times

Sometimes you can never tell when you would get the opportunity to go food shopping and it would be a bother to forget food items you're missing at home while at it. Since most people are always with their phones make sure to keep a running grocery list on your memo or in your notes. As soon as you run out of a food item, put it on the list immediately so you don't forget.


4. Shop healthy          

Make sure not to include any sugar processed foods on your list. Choose whole-grains, low sodium and no sugar-added items. Choose fresh food over frozen food as much as possible. Root vegetables like sweet potatoes are less perishable than frozen foods, but they're both as healthy. But in the middle of a pandemic,  it is better to shop for non-perishable food.




We will pull out of this pandemic, stronger and better!

-OrderEat Cares