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When going for an interview, it is with the aim to nail it there and to eventually get the job. Would it be cool that something avoidable makes one lose a juicy offer? If what we eat can cause us to lose a job at an interview, then it is worth paying close attention to.



When going for interviews, you should avoid these foods at least 24 hours before the appointment time.

Garlic: Garlic is indeed good for the body and it has many nutritious sides but then, when it comes to the smell, it could be a distraction in conversations especially to someone who is allergic to it. It is better to avoid it before an interview.


Onions: Just like garlic, onions too have a smell that certain people do not find amusing. It is then advisable that you avoid onions since you cannot determine what your interviewer is allergic to. 


Roasted groundnuts: Sometimes, groundnuts smell in a funny way that could irritate someone at a closer distance. You may have to avoid this before an interview.


Fish: Many of the foods to avoid are because of their smell. Some certain fish smell in a funny way and what do you think? You have to avoid it because you never may tell, the interviewer may have a deep hate for the smell.


Water: How does it feel when you have to take permission 10 times before and during your interview, just to visit the restroom? So, water doesn’t have that smell relating to allergy but it could make you visit the restroom uncontrollably.

Too much intake of water is thoroughly unadvised. You can simply ask for a cup of water at the interview or just take a little to avoid being dehydrated.

Carbohydrates: Too many carbs before an interview can cause you to feel uneasy before the interview even starts. So, if you want to maintain your composure, avoid taking too many carbs. 

Coffee (in large quantity): Coffee is good, for real before an interview to increase your alertness, but too much of it can make you feel uneasy too. So watch it before going for an interview.