IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMASPosted by Adedamola Odukoya



It is Christmas time and it is time to merry! This period is the time to share together, show love, and ensure peace. Let us highlight certain things we need to do this season.



Share with people: Christmas is a season to show love. At this time, we should intensify our giving. There are people who need just one or two things which you can give. Nothing is too little to give, even your kind words and time. You can place an order using OrderEat and send it to anyone there. That would be a surprise, right?



Show gratitude: it is also another season to show gratitude to people who have been good to you. How do you feel if someone appreciates you no matter how little it may seem? Sure, you will feel excited and fulfilled. Also, show gratitude to the people around you. OrderEat can help you too. Order with OrderEat and show gratitude to that one person.



Shop with Joy: Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Yes, shop with that joy too, but then, be careful not to incur debts. Cut your coat according to your size.


Be security conscious:  In this season, there are tendencies that the crime rate will increase. What do you do? Be security conscious. Avoid going to places that are not necessary and go where you are needed. Limit night movements as much as you can.

Stay safe and stay healthy: What is the situation right now? More than a million have died of Covid-19 and there is another wave being sighted. It is important at this stage that, as we want to merry, let us be safe too, staying healthy. Check out these posts on how to stay healthy during a pandemic.


In the Spirit of Christmas, let us ensure love is shared, gifts are unboxed, lives are secured and souls are touched, this season!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.