LOVE MEALSPosted by Olamilekan Oderanti


Hurray! The Yuletide is here. We all are happy right? Well, if not for any other reason, you should be happy that you’re gonna be getting some cool time with your loved ones.


Now, what do you intend to eat this season? I guess the same thing you had last year. Right? Shouldn’t you be tired of eating the same thing every year? 


Why not give a ”love meal” to your loved one?



A love meal is a nutritional meal that is scarcely taken; however, nutritious and connects the dots of love when presented as a surprise. These meals are often loved and appreciated by people even if they’re just tasting them for the first time. It works like magic!


Surprising your partner, friends, kids, or even parents with a love meal this season will not only make them happy but also make them love you more and even look forward to another Yuletide which surely offers them a time out with you.



I see you’re anxious to see what I call love meals. Lols. I’ll certainly give them to you and I’m sure you’re gonna love it. It works like magic!


Kunu Pap: This is a Nigerian drink that originates from the northern part. It is often made from Sorghum and has a milky light-brown color. 


Perhaps you’ve had this drink before. It is common as a drink but not as a meal—pap. I mean it can be prepared in such a way that it looks just like our regular corn pap.



It can be a bit stressful to prepare, but not to worry, it’s good stress. You should go out of your way for a loved one. Find someone around who knows about it and they’ll gladly put you through. I promise.


If you get it right, you would love it. It is highly nutritious, reduces the risk of diabetes, and even prevents blood from clotting. I’ll advise you to try it on your own first and then find a way of sharing it with your loved ones. 



This way, you’re not just giving a love meal but also a healthy, nutritious, and appetizing meal. Your loved one doesn’t take pap, right? He/she wouldn’t like this idea. Oops! I’m sorry. Let’s see another.


A plate of fruits: fruits have always been a good meal option. Anytime at all! And the health benefits are just endless. But, have you ever considered it to be a love meal?


Well, it is. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” right? for me, “a plate of fruits builds love and heals wounds.” 



All you need is a knowledge of how well to combine your fruits. I’ll advise you to make it colorful. See, for instance, white bananas, green apples, red watermelons, yellow mangoes, and blueberries.


That looks comely and inviting, right? Yes, it is. If there is ever a thing I’ve not been refused of, it’s a fruit. Talk-less of a combination of fruits. No one would refuse that! Or would you?



This love meal is just perfect. It works for both sexes. Give this to a loved one who is just waking up or perhaps in a relaxed mood and you’ve just earned more of their love and whatever it is that you want.


There is more!


Boiled plantain: right now I’m salivating and I sincerely hope you are as well. Although not a good source of protein or fat plantains are still very lovely.


Plantains contain fiber, magnesium, and antioxidants amongst other essential nutrients. It is a common meal. The potassium in plantain is good for the heart. Yes! I just said that don’t be shocked.