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Preparing your kids' lunch can seem like a lot of work especially if you are health conscious but, the stress can be limited if parents/guardians know ahead of time, what to pack for their kids.


Lunchtime should be a source of comfort, so having a list of easy, yummy, and nutritious meals that the kids will love to eat can go a long way towards making the lunch packing (and eating) efforts much easier on everyone.




Time seems to run too fast in the morning and thinking about what to pack early can cause delays, confusion, unnecessary stress, and lateness to school 


Below are easy to make and kids friendly lunch ideas


MONDAY: Typical food for Monday might be leftover from Sunday's food.  Fried rice and chicken, rice and stew, a fruit, snack, juice, and water


TUESDAY: Jollof spaghetti with hotdog(it is really easy to make in the morning),  a fruit, snack,  juice, and water.


WEDNESDAY: Noodles and boiled egg, a fruit, snack, juice, and water


THURSDAY: spaghetti with tomato stew, fruit, snack, juice, and water


FRIDAY: Beans and plantain, fruit, snack, juice, and water


Others lunch ideas are stated below:

    Nigerian Jollof Marconi with sliced beef



    Boiled yam with fish stew


    Plaintain with tomato stew


    Fried noodles with chicken


    Macaroni and avg sauce


    Plaintain with scrambled egg


    White rice and vegetables



    Jollof rice and chicken



    Fried potato with ketchup and scrambled eggs 


    Sweet potato porridge with fish


    Spaghetti with tomato stew and egg


Snacks don’t necessarily have to be biscuit always. You can add puff-puff, sausage, meat pie, small chops, or even a club sandwich.


The same goes for fruits to take- apple, shredded carrot, sliced watermelon, peeled orange in small bits, sliced cucumber, grape, banana.


Some meals can be prepared the night below and can be heated again in the morning. You can also repeat food during the cause of the week. 


These ideas are just a guide to reduce stress and to avoid delays in the morning.


Enjoy using it and have fun packing snacks and food for your kids!