Do you take Beans water?Posted by Olamilekan Oderanti


You love beans! Or maybe not. However, when beans are cooked thoroughly and sieved, the liquid gotten from it is what I regard as “Aquafaba” popularly called beans water.

Oftentimes, lovers of beans enjoy drinking this liquid. And how do they do that? They simply allow the liquid gotten from this process to settle and then they filter.

With this, they are left with a thick kinda liquid that is tasty and potable. However, what are the healthy facts attached to this liquid? Is there more to it than just drinking? Has it got any other function?

Well, a larger percentage of nutrients in beans is retained during cooking. However, 53% calcium, as well as a minute of other numerous nutrients, are lost during cooking. Researchers suppose that these lost nutrients are present in the water we get from well-cooked beans.


Drinking beans water is its closest use and this is what a number of people are familiar with. However, there is more to the use of beans water than just drinking.

Here are some of the numerous functions of beans water that are yet to be well known:

Broth: Beans water can be called “bean’s broth” as it is used to poach certain foods. It is a very cheap source of a good poaching liquid. This broth can also be used in the preparation of soup and it’s way better than using water.


Flavour: Although, the broth from beans is a flavour in soups and poaching. It can also be used as a flavour while baking. Some people add it to their dough both in the preparation of pizza and of bread.

Replacing Egg whites: beans water is used to replace egg white in the preparation of sponge cake and it’s a really good replacement that serves just the same function.

How to Preserve Beans Water

Having known that beans water is beyond just any water, we now understand its function as a broth.

Like every other broth, beans water can be preserved by keeping in a tight jar and kept in the fridge. It can last for as long as three months in the fridge. However, you are advised to use it as soon as possible.

How do you see beans water? Do you love beans and its water? Do tell us below, in the comment section.