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If you’ve ever been in a situation without electricity, or if you cannot access the grocery store due to poor weather, you’ll know that you need foods you can cook using survival methods. 

Survival techniques are unique and usually comes in handy. You can’t totally prepare for every possibility, but there are some best practices for storing or keeping emergency foods.


When stock-piling foods for an emergency, always bear in mind the following :

Keep the foods you love to eat: This is really important as you wouldn’t want anything that is boring. Eat comfort foods i.e foods that bring a smile to your face and give you joy even in times of trouble. Don’t keep food that you cannot cook as this isn’t the time to test your creativity skills in cooking.

Keep the foods that would last long: Since the foods are for ‘raining days', try keeping canned foods, freeze-dried foods, or ones that have a long shelf life. Examples of goods with long shelf life included: whole grain, flour, dry corn, dry beans, spaghetti, dry pasta, rice. The best survival foods last at least one year without refrigeration or are eaten and taken out before then.


Keep the foods that have Nutritional value: Beans and rice may not be a part of your best emergency foods strategy, but they are long-lasting foods that provide a complete protein when combined. You can also opt for varieties of legumes. 

Keep the foods that are Pliable: This is a great way of avoiding boring foods. A typical example is dried powdered milk. Although it may not be something that will keep you satisfied on its own, it can be used to create yogurt, cheese, puddings, and bread.



Keep the foods that don’t require much cooking: Get ready-to-eat foods. Plan to have quite a number of light-weight food sources that do not require heat. 

Remember that you will need to store these items in bulk. You will also need to buy additional non-food items to make sure you can prepare the foods. Also, create a balanced diet that is nutritionally dense, easy to store long-term, and tasty in all of this!