Are you so used to eating at the same place over and over that you never go out and try new places? If that’s you, that’s me too. If you do try new places, how often do you, and how do you find the experience?

Trying a new restaurant is the only way to expand your knowledge without going anywhere. It is possible to find Indian food in Nigeria without necessarily going to India, likewise Chinese, Italian, etc. You can break out of your regular patterns and give someplace new a chance. It may be a restaurant that just opened up or somewhere you haven't frequented even though it has been around for some time.


It is really easy to fall into a comfort zone especially when it comes to food. We know we will enjoy the experience at a particular restaurant. Why would you risk going to someplace else? We certainly don't want to pay money for a meal we wouldn’t enjoy. We also don't want to spend time in an atmosphere that isn't comfortable for us.

I’m going to give you a few reasons why you need to venture outside your comfort zone and try someplace new for a change.

Experience new cuisines: Different restaurants serve different cuisines. Visiting a new restaurant gives you an opportunity to try new cuisines. You can’t explore this opportunity if you are still stuck on your regular restaurants. You can also experience different cooking styles and methods of food preparation.

Many restaurants offer the same food choices on their menus, which makes them unique is their method of preparation. Experimenting with new restaurants would help you find out the unique taste that is just right for you! Avoid common chain restaurants that will offer you the same thing regardless of which one of them you are dining at.


Experience new cultures: Restaurants are not just about eating. Restaurants also serve as a good way to discover other cultures. If you want to know the cultures of different places that you have not yet visited, then the best way to do that is by visiting their restaurants in your locality.



For instance, Chinese restaurants are all over the world, and you don’t have to go to China to eat their food and know their culture. In many of these restaurants, you will be able to experience their foods and their eating culture. Food speaks a lot about lifestyle and culture.

Fun and entertainment: Apart from the good food and your experience in new restaurants, there is also the fun that you get from visiting a new restaurant. Every restaurant is unique when it comes to the type of entertainment offered so you might want to enquire before visiting. Visiting a new restaurant is also a good way to meet new people.

If you want to improve your social life, then visiting a new restaurant is one guaranteed way to help you do just that! A rushed lunch half-hour is not the time to try a new place. Go on a weekend or after work, when you have time to sit and take in the atmosphere, the general state of the clientele, traffic patterns, and so on. You can also go with a few friends or in a group to make the experience more exciting!

It can be hard to get yourself motivated to try a new restaurant. I wouldn't have tried many of the places I have without the encouragement of my friends. Sometimes we really like the place and other times we don't.

As a general rule, we usually give a place two tries before we cross it off our list of places to enjoy our lunch.

I know it can be risky to eat at a new restaurant but think of it as a wonderful opportunity. You may not have liked the restaurant or you may have loved it. Regardless, you have exposed yourself to something new. If you don’t enjoy it, at least you gave it a try. Eating out can be a great deal of fun when you approach some new places every now and then.