OrderEat is an online delivery platform that promotes fast and effective delivery. We started out as we identified the need for a relaible and well known platform for food (convectioneries and bakeries included) logistics in Nigeria as we still had a deficiency of reliablity.

To Customers:

We want you to always be able to connect to your favorite restaurants at your convienience or even those times when you are stressed or too busy to pickup a meal. Even as this is very important to us, we want you to be able to get those yummy and gut filling dishes at a cost friendly amount.

To Agents:

We believe in the need for people (agents) to have flexibility in their job hours so as to enable them make money when they want to and at their own convenience and also be the ones who determine how much they want to earn.

To Restaurants:

We want you to be open to way more people at your environment and even beyond while you also reduce those queus which makes your customers dissatisfied.


I love this platform so much... I hope more Restaurants can join in so that I can have a larger variety to order from


Order eat is the best of all .keep it up

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